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This Small Ac Is Very Popular In The Market, The Price Is Only 400 Rupees

Portable Mini AC USB attery Operated air conditionermini Water air Cooler oling Fan Blade Less Duel Blower with ice Chamber Perfect for Desk,Office,Study,Library,Room,Home,car,Outdoor Easy to use put the soaked sponge into the cooler body, insert batteries or connect USB port,and it begins to work. Working modes cooling fan mode and fan mode take the sponge away when you don’t need the cooling function . New mini fan, the stability speed, low power consumption,Fan speed adjustable compact, stylish appearance and lovely, portable design. adopt the design of large size turbo, the wind was strong. How will work You will need to use dry ice or water to use it. Which will keep it cool. It is very easy to operate. It does not consume much electricity. It is best to use this device while working at the table. Portable Mini AC This mini AC will be the best option for you while studying, working in the office or if you are sitting alone in the room. The device can be purchased both online and o